Temperature registers

Temperature registers


Register TurboTag ® Smart Card

The smart card TurboTag register is a small but precise device of time and temperature control which has a RFID data transfer architecture integrated and contactless. When combined with additional system components, the smart card register TurboTag offers end users the benefits of a unique temperature management exclusive and economic. Optional items and configurable by the customer include printable registration tapes, control of product shelf life and calibration certificates available online.

Due to its small size (such as a credit card) and its lightweight and simplified design, the TurboTag system is extremely durable and reliable. Has an unlimited potential for reuse beyond the life of one year of the battery. Consequently, this smart card is a valuable way of controlling the temperature in a wide variety of applications.


  • Low cost of consumables (labels)
  • Low cost of accessories (readers and software)
  • No compromise on accuracy and quality assurance (each label is calibrated)
  • Wireless interface (RFID) for initialization of labels and data capture fast, even through sealed package
  • Capture, analysis and printing of electronic data in a single instant mobile process
  • Unique ability to calculate kinetic and digital life and control of limit upper / lower
  • No hidden software costs, ease of integration with enterprise data systems
  • Compliance with the regulations of EPC data and to ISO RFID global standards


  • All cards are calibrated to ensure very precise time and temperature
  • Cards calculate storage useful duration
  • Precision ± 0.5 ° C
  • Smart cards are of a credit card size
  • Reusable
  • Audit trail at the product level
  • Without compromising accuracy or quality assurance (calibrates each labels)
  • Wireless interface (RF) for the initialization of labels and capture fast data, including through the sealed package
  • Control of limit upper / lower
  • Start delay device


Code T-700 T-700B T-700C T-700D T-700E
Calibrated precision X X X X X
3 years battery life X X X X X
Calibration certificate on request X X X X
Validated by and According to CFR X X
76cm extension sensor X X

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