Thermolabile goods shipping

Temperature-sensitive goods shipping


Shipping of refrigerated and frozen products

We offer:

  • All kinds of insulated packaging suitable for the type of product to be transported besides to complying with current legislation in cases of, for example, biological samples.
  • Dry Ice sales or specific eutectic plates for the required temperature range.
  • Collected at any point of the Spanish territory.
  • Air, inland or combined transport.
  • Own refrigerated camera for temperature-controlled storage of goods in transit
  • Special control and monitoring of each shipment


Our company is prepared for cold-chain logistics thanks to refrigerated chambers, an extensive catalogue of insulated packaging in permanent stock and own dry ice production facilities.


Our experience in temperatures-sensitive logistics and dangerous goods, makes us a benchmark logistics operator, being able to gather all the crucial aspects of the cold chain in just one company.

Food industry


We offer various services ranging from sending small samples, refrigerated or frozen for future exports, to the regular shipping of isothermal pallets of frozen food fitted with ice packs or dry ice food.

Examples of food products we transport are:

  • frozen pastries
  • frozen tapas
  • frozen mushrooms
  • gourmet products
  • processed meat
  • pasties
  • Seafood
  • temperature-sensitive fruits & vegetables

We handle the entire process:

  • collection of goods at source and / or reception in our headquarters
  • temperature-controlled storage at our refrigerated chambers until shipment
  • packaging and packing
  • labelling
  • shipment and delivery to Spain, Europe or any destinations around the world.

In cases of international shipments we can also arrange all the necessary documentation so that your shipment will not suffer unnecessary delays that can affect the goods.

Pharmaceutical, biomedical and veterinary industries


We offer different alternatives for collecting, storing and shipping of biological samples sensitive to temperature (chilled or frozen), such as:

  • vaccines
  • serums
  • drugs
  • tissues
  • blood
  • umbilical cord
  • corneas
  • medulla
  • semen

And in general all those chemical and biological materials included infectious substances sensitive to temperature.

In each case the customer needs are studied and adequate transport security protocols are defined include:

  • Choice of packaging: It could be reusable in polyethylene boxes or single use to choose from EPS, or injected polyurethane foam in which case we can provide custom packaging on request.
  • For verification of the cold chain: WE can use smart labelling systems or temperature recorders to ensure that goods have not exceeded the temperature ranges defined for each shipment.

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