Mistystix cocktail accessories

Mistystix cocktail accessories

Product description:

Mistystix is a stirrer that is loaded with a dry ice granule to create a fun effect of fog in drinks.

It offers the safety of enjoyment of the effects of dry ice, without the danger of customers ingesting it.

Mistystix is available in packs of 25 units, 100% reusable and with clear finish.

Ideal for private celebrations as well as bars, pubs and clubs.

Instructions for use:


Make sure that the hook is attached to the top of the Mistystix, and place it in a horizontal position.


Use tongs to place the dry ice pellet in the Mistystix, being careful not to touch the dry ice itself.


Firmly close the capsule to enclose dry ice in the Mistystix (tighten to reopen the capsules).


Put Mistystix in the drink, using the hook to secure it to the side of the glass.

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