Isothermal pallets

Isothermal pallets


Specially designed when high-capacity isothermal packaging is required for shipments requiring temperature control.

They can be used in combination with eutectic plates for refrigerated products or with dry ice for frozen products.

Their different compositions of isothermal panels and their low weight make them suitable for a variety of uses and transits that can go from a few hours to several days.


  • The reusable version makes it the optimal logistics solution for circuits where cold chain transport is not possible or cost effective.


  • Export of Foodstuffs and Pharmaceuticals with controlled temperature
  • Power distribution
  • Catering services

Other options:

  • Not available

Dismountable isothermal pallet:


Large capacity insulated pallet, dismountable and foldable for easy storage. Built in NEOPOR, it is ideal for transporting bulky temperature-sensitive products.

Includes set of 8 accumulators to avoid active cooling systems.


  • Large volume (575 Lts.) Loading
  • Modular structure faclita side loading
  • Low weight and removable reducing storage and transport costs
  • Resistant up to 400 Kg.
  • It maintains temperatures of 2-8 ° C to 113 Hs.


  • Export of food and pharmaceutical temperature-sensitive products
  • Power distribution
  • Catering services

Other options:

  • Possibility marked with adhesive labels

Sizes and capacities

  • Dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 1190 mm. Ext.
  • 575 Lts. Int. volume.
  • Weight: 10.86 Kg.
  • Height 120 mm. suitable for air shipping


  • Homologated tests

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