Positive stiff cold packs

Stiff cold packs



Non toxic mixture of glycol and water. Highly compression resistant format to prevent: deformation of the packs once frozen, breakage and spills, allowing intensive reuse.


  • Non-toxic gel, no dyes or additives that give it completely safe features in case of spillage.
  • Can be discarded completely in any conventional container does not need any special treatment.


  • Transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, food, chemicals, etc.

Other options:

A certain amount from the accumulator can be customized printing, size and weight.


Not available

Capacities and measurements:

Volume Size Unities/box
200 Grs. 166x75x,21 mm. 39
400 Grs. 165x95x35 mm. 21
600 Grs. 185x115x35 mm 16
900 Grs. 220x130x35 mm 18

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