Dry ice supply

Dry ice supply


Order online and take it away or we delivery it at your door everywhere in Spain including Saturdays! We have a wide variety of insulated packages from which to choose

We are Manufacturers! We produce the amount you need at the best price. Try us now! we are the most efficient service in the market.

We have own equipment to produce dry ice in pallets, allowing us to supply it immediately, with no minimum quantities along with the most suitable insulated boxes, for transits from a few hours to several days, or for other uses such as:

  • Temperature-controlled shipments: pharmaceuticals products, biomedical, chemical, food, etc.
  • Catering Services: to preserve the food on board aircraft, railways, hospitals, etc.
  • Special effects for shows, performances, parties, concerts, etc.
  • Distribution of frozen products.


Visit our website: we have 5Kg., 10Kg. and 30Kg. Kits ready to be sent, or we can also supply the exact amount you need, with the respective packaging. And with no minimum order quantity, we avoid product wastage.

Furthermore, our wide range of UN Isothermal Packaging enables us to give a reliable and safety response to the requirements of various international standards regulations related to transport of: dangerous goods, diagnostic samples, infectious substances.

* See in www.hielo-seco.net he scope of the service.

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