1. Preparation of orders and availability

The availability of the products on the online store of Tecnisample s.l. is correct, however, if at any time we can not guarantee the availability of a product, the amount for it will be deducted from the total withheld at the time of the economic transaction.

2. Zones and delivery times

The user will be able to check the delivery costs of Tecnisample s.l. When entering your data at the beginning of the purchase. Also, the delivery times are also variable according to the zones and will be visible when we identify..

Locations with defined time slots

The user can select the date and time according to their needs.

Locations without defined time slots

In places where no delivery slots have been defined, this will be done in a period between 24 and 48 hours of the next day immediately after the order has been made, although due to exceptional circumstances or force majeure, this period may be extended.

In case the customer is not at home at the time of delivery, the company responsible for transportation will leave an information note with a contact phone to arrange a second delivery.

3. Delivery costs

The shipping costs for purchases in the online store are variable depending on the weight and / or volume, the place of delivery and the type of service selected. Not all types of service are available for all points in the territory or for all products. The shopping cart system will provide you the alternatives available at the time of purchase. If you do not find any alternative available or no one satisfies you, please contact us by mail to info@tecnisample.com or by phone to +34 936388090.

4. Responsibility of the user

The user agrees to be present at the agreed time of delivery or failing to authorize a third person of legal age to receive the order (no products will be delivered in post office or public places). In the event that the customer or authorized person is not present at the time of delivery, the costs of re-delivery shall be borne by the customer for the amounts indicated in section 3 above.

Tecnisample s.l. understands that the customer who has made the order authorizes the person who is at the address at the time of delivery to pick up the order on his behalf. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the customer to authorize a third party for the receipt and acceptance of the purchase at the address of the delivery.

Tecnisample s.l. will not assume any responsibility for delay in the delivery of the orders when this delay is solely the fault of the buyer or the authorized person.

If for any reason the customer could not be present at the time of delivery, the customer should contact our telephone number of information and customer service: 93 638 8090 or via email: info@tecnisample.com to agree on another delivery day.

At the time of delivery, the user must sign the delivery note as the order has been delivered and accepted.

The customer assumes the risks of deterioration, damage, impairment and loss of the products, indicated at the time of ordering, since the delivery of the same by Tecnisample s.l. The address of the client. The customer is responsible for storing and preserving the products in the conditions that, if applicable, are established in their labeling. It is the customer's responsibility to store it in an appropriate place depending on the characteristics of each product. Regarding packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer to treat and recycle it in accordance with the regulations that are applicable at all times.

5. Withdrawal and Returns

According to the provisions of article 4 of Royal Decree 1906/99, of December 17, the customer will have a period of up to 7 business days from receipt of the product, to resolve the contract (purchase), either by claims or returns. In any case it will be understood that the customer has known the right of withdrawal since entering the online store of Tecnisample s.l. And, in any case, since you place your order.

The returns of the orders must be processed through our telephone of information and customer service: 936 388 090 or via email: info@tecnisample.com, in order to instrumentalize the collection of the order at your address.

Tecnisample s.l. will return the amounts received by means of payment within a period not exceeding 30 days, once the products have been verified. The products to be returned must be delivered in correct condition. Returns of products in containers, if any, other than those supplied will not be accepted.

If a product arrives in bad condition because of the transport, the customer must indicate it in the delivery note of the carrier and call within 24 hours of its reception to our telephone of information and customer service, or communicate this circumstance via email.

Tecnisample s.l. has available Claim Forms to the consumer / customer in accordance with the applicable regulations.